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  2. On: 02/03/17


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  2. On: 23/02/17

Zombie Game Development are now offering custom made work for anyone who want to run their own facebook game, or android phone game (applications).

Contact us direct via our email address:

Contact us with the idea of your 'facebook' or 'phone' application, with details, features, etc, Describing what you want us to create. We will be in contact within 24 hours with a quote and a rough idea of how long it will take us to complete your project.
We will also offer future support and updates if needed.
(This will be including within the initial price)


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  2. On: 20/02/17
Zombie-Game website, along with all our games are for sale!

Collectively, our games can make around £1000 GBP per month. With very little advertisment, we have had months where we have earned £4,000 GBP!

We have full proof of income, statistics, and all info to prove this income.

Our asking price is: £40,000 GBP!
We may negotiate the price, so feel free to contact us with an offer!

Contact Email: admin@zombie-game.com

Further details on how we willl offer support after purchase, and how things work; updates, hosting, etc.


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  2. On: 11/01/17

Zombie World has been given a small update towards fixing the Zombie AI.
It may not be perfect, but with your feedback we can improve the areas that are needed.

Some of the updates include: Less random spawning / No more crazy jumping / They can now group attack / They do less damage / Plus various little tweaks and fixes!

Also, we have placed several 'Suprise Gift Boxes' around the zone!
Break them open to receeve your gifts! - Each Gift Box has a respawn time of 4 hours.


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  2. On: 21/12/16

Open BETA for our new facebook survival game - Village Survival
Various features, from scavenging, hunting, building, crafting....

Click HERE to Play Now!


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  2. On: 19/11/16

We were looking to throw out a couple of new updates, as well as come new cotent for a couple of our games.
However, we had to push the release back due to unforsen circumstances.

We apologise for any inconvenience


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  2. On: 27/09/16

We are looking for a couple of people to work as modeerators on our forum.
The fourms are currently being spamed with user, bots etc, we need moderators to keep the forums clean and tidy.
This is a voluntary job.